Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Special Volunteers

This year, we had two new special volunteers who spent countless hours during Hell Week tracking the kids. Both of them sent me tributes to post on this blog - both were obviously touched by the experience.

Ralph lives at the local shelter and we don't know much about him except that he spends a lot of time at the library and somehow stumbled upon our group and started helping. He was dilligent and some days was there as many hours as Bob Walters. As Bob said, 'he saved our bacon more than once'.  I had no idea Ralph had email until yesterday - he emailed me just a few minutes before I heard about Sally, telling me all about how he had seen an adult hunting with a juvenile yesterday on his walk to the library. I hated to have to email him back to let him know about Sally. He immediately responded that he wanted to create a tribute for me to post. I think it's beautiful.


John is another volunteer who spent a lot of time with us this year. He works as a volunteer full time downtown and is a special person. He sent me his 'impressions' of the birds a few weeks ago, although it reads a little like poetry to me. I have been waiting for a special time to share it. I think today is the day.  Sometimes you have no idea what is inside another person even when they are standing right next to you --


Here are my impressions of the four birds.

Amelia – the first to leave the nest and the last to move to the temple. She is the falcon that stayed on to stay on the Church Office building lower building and had a thing for the security camera on the northeast corner of the wall even sitting in the bright sunlight. It all kept us wondering if she world ever fly off of there to the temple.
Charlie – the second to leave the nest and the one who first found a tree (not a place for a falcon to be landing.) He also was the first not to be found for 24 hours, but then we later found out what he was doing, when it came to Saturday afternoon when he came off of the temple and took one of many great flights.

Sally -- was the third to leave the box and also was the one that liked to fly into the construction zone south of temple square and got to go home with Bob from her adventure and the other night was trying to make a landing on the ledge of the Church Office Building and did not make it to the ledge, it being too late in the evening Bob has to take her home for the second night.

Bobbie -- was the last to leave the nest and did so in the most interesting happening she fell out by accident. Bobbie was the one that because of her size, I thought was a male, but surprised me. She along with Sally was the one that liked to fly into the construction zone south of temple square and got to go home with Bob from her adventure.



Lisa Deon said...

After seeing all of the falcon babies for the last few weeks it is sad news indeed to hear about Sally.

skygirlblue said...

Just beautiful....thank you for posting both of those, Liz..

Linemoren said...

I love how these beautiful creatures brings together people from all walks of life and in so many varied forums. My family and I share in the sorrow of the loss of Sally, or Nameless as she was named at our house, and find peace and happiness in the love and interest that is shown these wonderful birds. Thank you to Bob and his team, for all they do, and thank you to you Liz for your blog posts and updates!!! Our world would be less than it is if it wasn't for you and your work! THANK YOU ALL!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Linemoren,
My thoughts, feeling, happinesses, and deep sorrow, could not have been expressed in any better way, than you have just stated.
Thank you for saying it for me...Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Bob, Liz, and all of these caring and committed people.