Friday, July 8, 2011

Peregrine = Pilgrim = Wanderer

Well, Charlie the wanderer has been found. Great news! More details tomorrow. In the meantime, I wanted to feature a French blog about Peregrines that belongs to a reader, A. Yassin who left a comment asking me if banding was the same as ringing, their term for IDing the falcons. Please take a stop by his blog, these photos make mine look ridiculous. They are incredible. Peregrine in French is Pelerins. Depending on your browser, there is a translate button at the top of the page that changes it all to English. Amazing. Well done, Yassin!


Linemoren said...

YAY!!! Soo happy to hear he's found, we've been worried all day!!! THANKS again for the update!!!!

Yacine A. said...

Good news ! and thanks... i'm happy that you appreciate our blog !

Anonymous said...

Yes, we love the blog. How else could be know what's happening to the chicks we've we watching for months.
You are the greatest!

Cat said...

Hooray! So happy that Charlie didn't stay 'hidden' for too long! :)

Thanks again for your blog, photos, and updates!

kestrelseyes said...

So happy to have enjoyed the childhood of these wonderful birds! Thanks so much and I hope to enjoy it again next year.

Willi said...

Spent all day today at Temple Square. Was able to see all babies and parents. Charlie made a spectacular flight today. I'm impressed how well
Bobbi is doing (being the youngest). Saw Amelia
sitting in the sun. Was hoping for some shade for all kids today. Sally seems ok after her slumber party at Bob's house. Thanks Liz and know we love you ,your blog and great pictures. We've watched these beauties since they were hatched.
Also, loved the John Denver words. So appropriate!!