Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday's Photos

I will be working Monday and Tuesday, but hope to get to the grounds for photos during lunch each day. Sunday was a quiet day. Early in the morning, Bobbie, who had spent the night on the North Visitor Center, took a low flight out over North Temple Street, where a truck honked and she veered off to the side and landed on the grass. She was captured and both Bobbie and Sally were released onto the Beehive around 9am and stayed there until afternoon when Sally flew over to the Temple. Amelia stayed on the Temple all day. Charlie disappeared until about 2pm then reappeared on the Temple. We are not sure where he is hiding out when he flies off. There were several fly-by's by the parents trying to get the big, lazy girls to fly.

Amelia on Temple (photo provided by Robin Galli, Sandy, UT)

Bobbie and Sally released on Beehive.

Bobbie and Sally on Beehive, south face, after being released.

Adult flying over.

Adult flying off Eagle Gate Building.

Adult on Temple w food in beak.

Adult food handoff.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Liz, for posting this news...
We all look so forward to your evening posts, and your tweets.
Did Sally's wing look AOK today?
Hope all goes well for these kids, because we think of them all day and evening long!!!!
Thanks as always for all that you do for them, and therefore, for us!!!!

Lady Chevalier/RaNae said...

Wonderful Photos. I love in flight aerials. WOW! Bobbie trying to get run over isn't too funny. Keeping the falcons in our thoughts and prayers. You and everyone helping are doing a fantastic job. Always feast on your posts and photos. Thanks so much.