Thursday, July 14, 2011

Falcon Update

Here is Pomera's report from yesterday (my son is visiting this week, so I will not be downtown as much, blog postings will be slower):

Falcon Followers -

Every day is a new adventure with the falcons!

When I arrived downtown this morning at 5:40, I found three of the young birds raiding the pantry at Charlie's Cafe and the other one right above them on the roof. This corner of the JSMB has been designated as such because it's where the parents stock lots of pigeon goodies. Charlie was the first to discover the cache and initially had the place all to himself. The girls have since discovered what a fine dining experience this little corner cafe offers and Charlie is again at the mercy of the hungy sisters.

It's nearly impossible to tell the birds apart at this point. I just refer to them collectively as the Flying Zambinis. There were four birds (three young and one adult) in the air at 6:00 a.m. They put on a marvelous show. Too bad I wasn't awake to enjoy it!

Two birds showed signs of increasing wing strength this morning. One landed on the roof of a lower building, but was able to generate enough "umph" to lift off after she realized she had strayed outside the food drop zone. A second bird landed seven stories up in one of the JSMB window sills. After alternately admiring herself in the glass and snoozing for a couple of hours, she made a shaky takeoff, lost some altitude, but eventually pulled it out.

I just spoke with Bob and learned that all four young birds are accounted for as of 9:00 p.m. Keep your fingers crossed for no late night antics from these characters.

And in the for what it's worth column, I got my pink slip today. It came in the form of a parking ticket with a pink return envelope. Be careful on those meters downtown - parking enforcement agents (formerly called meter maids) rule!

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Michelle :-) said...

I also got a "pink slip". It was on Saturday. It was totally worth it though...I spent 5 hours watching the kids flying. :) I guess it was 3 hours too long.
The kids are looking great, was down again last nite and boy were they active in the evening. :)

Ralph A. Vix said...

Hey everyone, this is Ralph, just thought I would throw in my two cents, Mon July 26, 2011 I observed I of the adults buzzing the Days of 47 Parade, also about 4 pm I heard a loud squaking noise, I was at South Temple and West Temple, saw one of the adults feeing 2 of the juvies in the air, they came so close to the new condos on the west side, I really thought they were going to hit the windows, they are turned right at the last second, really something to watch, like they practiced that move prior to that, anyway, you all take it easy, I 'll still walk by once in a whice just to watch the little rascals, if you have a comment or question e-mail me at