Friday, July 22, 2011

Quiet Night

I do not have much to report - I only spent 30 minutes on the grounds. I could not find any birds at first. I walked around the reflecting pond and checked the usual locations. Just before I was to leave, I heard loud sqwauking, and all four juveniles flew from various locations to land over on the Temple where an adult must have made a food drop. They were frantic. The two below are the ones who 'won' and got the food. The other two flew off. I found one on top of the Key Bank building, show below.

Update: I will be spending Sunday evening on the grounds, starting around 7pm. I will have the 2-way radio on ch 11-22 and my cell phone with me. I will receive emails and Tweets on my phone. If you are coming down to watch, look for me near the reflecting pool. I will Tweet if I go down any other times.

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