Monday, July 11, 2011

Questions for Q&A

I haven't told Bob yet, but I have secret plans to interview him (hopefully one or two on video) and ask all your burning questions, hee hee. So here are the questions I have collected so far (feel free to email or leave more questions in the comments section of this post):
  1. Do babies and parents from prior years return or elsewhere in SLC area?
  2. Do Peregrines migrate? Where/how far? Will these migrate?
  3. Do parents and kids keep flying further and further away from the nest each day?
  4. When will they be gone for good?
  5. How long do parents watch over babies?
  6. Is Bobbie ok? What happened right after falling backwards out of the nest?
  7. Did Sally really hurt her wing?
  8. Where do our falcons go in winter?
  9. How do the volunteers identify them by name when they are perched so high or flying?
  10. Do we know where past babies are from being banded? Any news from afar?
  11. How do they learn to hunt and when?
I will be working on getting these answered on Wednesday when I am off work. Yay!
(Posting pictures in a little while - MANY kid flights this evening!!)


Anonymous said...

YAYAY, we have time to think of more questions!!!!
And all I have to say is....
If passion/caring/love/and devotion could keep these parents and babies safe and healthy, we would all be sure of their health and happiness.
But we who are not downtown with you folks, appreciate you more than you will ever please keep that in your thoughts.....Cynthia

Willi said...

Liz I was watching a video from elsewhere where
they were banding babies, taking them out of the nest then returning them. How can they put a band on such a small leg when he hasn't matured yet?