Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today's Pictures

I arrived at Temple Square around 7:15 this morning and left about 1:00 pm. There were some adult flights, with the first being both parents landing close to the nest box. Not sure if the construction that started today made them nervous but there was a phone call from one viewer saying that they felt the kids were more restless or nervous today, but that could be due to 'its time to fledge' jitters. The adults then hung out on the tall Eagle Gate Building for the rest of the morning. There was one flight into the box where an adult landed on a kids head. Not sure what happened there. Almost seemed like a message to the kid to get back in the box a bit, stop messing around. Who knows. I am including the link to the video which comes via skygirlblue on the Bird Cams Around the World website. I will be back down on the grounds early tomorrow, I certainly don't want to miss the first fledge! Gotta be soon! Make sure to follow the Twitter feed for updates.


Two adults up on scallops.


Anonymous said...

Tuned in at 6:50 and there are only three in the nest. Assume one took her first attempt. Do they come back to the nest after leaving?

Anonymous said...

Another one took off just before 7:45am.

Liz Schubert said...

There are still three in box according to the cams.