Monday, July 18, 2011

Bobbie the Troublemaker

A quick update: Bob called me to let me know that Bobbie was found on the observation deck of the big Church Office Building (COB) by security this morning. Apparently, for the last day or so, Bob had only been able to account for three birds. Bob picked up Bobbie, who was unhurt but unable to fly out of the area because it has a tall fence surrounding it that Bobbie could not make the jump over. Bob released Bobbie on the Beehive and later in the day saw Bobbie, or another kid, actually sitting up on that actual fence on the observation deck. So he may be getting another call tonight! (Were there enough Bob(bies)s in that last sentence for ya??)

p.s. I will be falcon watching on Temple Square on Friday evening and Saturday morning. If you are in the area, stop down to hang out with me. My 2-way will be on!

1 comment:

Willi said...

Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi- You ARE a wonderer! In the nest you were always the one in the back corner.
I hope you are learning what it takes to become
a great Falcon. I have to admit Bobbi is my favorite. I cheer her on because she is the baby.
Cudos to Bob for retrieving her. I hope she wasn't too hungry being stuck there for a while.
I hope to get down to Temple Square again this week. Maybe Friday nite. I will be sad to see the birds fly away for parts unknown. It has been a fun summer getting to know you'all and watching our feathered friends graduate.