Friday, July 8, 2011

Still No Sign of Charlie

The photos below show the three female fledglings resting on different buildings around Temple Square. Charlie is still not accounted for. There was one report from a woman who thought she saw him on the ground/grass this morning near the Temple but we haven't found him. Right before I came home today, about 12:30, Amelia decided to fly off her spot on COB and land on what is known as the Relief Society Building which is a bit lower and just next to it on the west side. She made her way north and gave everyone a scare that she would fly into the street on North Temple Street but after about 45 minutes went back to her original position you see in this photo below. The adults seemed to get active checking on all three babies at that same time and there was a lot of flyovers and calling plus some possible food drops. Bobbi spent too much time ACROSS the street on a building that is very close to construction cadillac-ing. It made everyone very nervous but at the time I left Bobbi had moved back to the North side of that building which at least puts her closer to Temple Square but still makes everyone worry she could fly into the traffic on South Temple Street.

What does 'cadillac-ing' mean? When the falcons are resting on their stomach, their tail feathers look like the rear end of a cadillac, with fenders.

Amelia 'cadillac-ed' on SW corner of COB west wing.

Sally cadillac-ed on south side of Beehive on JSMB.

Adult doing flyover trying to get Sally and Bobbi to move/fly?

Sally vocalizing for food/adult, can hear adult calling.

Bobbi cadillac-ed on SE corner of low building next to Eagle Gate Tower. Lots of construction immediately to the south. Stayed in this position from 8am to 1:30p.

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Lady Chevalier/RaNae said...

Wonderful. Darn that Charlie. He's not listening to his parents. He needs to come back to the family. The photos are, as always, amazing. Thanks Liz.