Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crazy Day!

I tried so hard to be on the grounds by 6am so that I wouldn't miss another fledge. I arrived at 6:05 to find out that bird #2 had flown out of box at 5:57. Darn. I had no idea that there would be another one fledging just 15 minutes or so later. Nor were any of us expecting #4 to FALL out of the box at 11am!

Below are pictures of just #2, Charlie, being found, banded and released. My camera battery died around 10, so I missed the next two. I will be back downtown for more monitoring of flights tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Charlie under the tree near the World Map on the COB.

Charlie on his back before being banded. He fought a bit.

Charlie after banding.

Amelia, fledge#1 sat on this scallop from 6am to 2pm screaming for food. She was finally fed about 2:30.

Charlie on roof of JSMB after banding and being released.


Linemoren said...

lol... Charlie did NOT look happy on his back in the box.... ha ha but hopefully he'll get over it! Thanks again for the updates!!!

Yacine A. said...

banding... it means ringing ? :-)
French falcon ;-)

Lady Chevalier/RaNae said...

Great photos of Charlie. He almost looks like he's scowling while being banded. Love the photo of him under the tree in the foliage. Someone, a chick I thought?, (because the adults have white under their necks not the light tan), was in the box this a.m. for quite a while. Surprised. Gone now Thanks Liz for your tireless efforts.

Liz Schubert said...

Yacine, your blog is amazing! I could never get such good photos with my camera. Yes I suspect banding (identification band, like ring) is the same as ringing. We say wedding band or wedding ring, same thing. :)

Sophia said...

really beautiful images .Do you know about video steaming concept.just i known about it.