Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two Weeks Old, Fledge in Three Weeks

Hello to everyone, I've been out of circulation this past week ~ my son (who works on this show) was visiting from Los Angeles. It's been almost two years since he's been to SLC, so we hit a lot of his favorites spots including restaurants and independent movies.

I highly recommend Chef which is playing at the Broadway. Funny little movie with a great cast and its all about great food! If you've never tried The Bayou for Cajun, do it! The Jambalaya and Gumbo are amazing.

Dolcetti Gelato is another of our favorite stops. We LOVE the Coconut Sticky Rice. And if you haven't tried the Oh Mai Vietnamese sandwich shop, what a treat that was. The Honey Glazed Pork Banh Mi was GREAT. OK, go eat something!

On to Falcon news;  the Fledge Watch Team is getting ready and you are invited to help out!!

Bob says....

"So far, so good. About only one guarantee: we'll be busier than last year! Three "wrigglers" on hand, getting ready to go!" (by the way, the fourth egg will not hatch, in case anyone is still wondering)

So everyone/anyone is invited for the fun! Dates to Remember:
Tuesday, June 17 at 6:00 p.m. Watchable Wildlife Program field trip - Nesting SLC Peregrine Falcons ... watch the adult(s) and, perhaps, young-of-the-year from the ground, learn more about the SLC Peregrine Falcon Project, receive training in assisting the young earn their wings and participating as a member of the 2014 Team." See (Calendar) for further details.

The estimated dates of the 2014 version of Hell Week(s). Tuesday, June 24 through July ?  =  Bob will likely be on site beginning as early as Saturday, June 21, or Sunday, June 22.

BTW, its heating up. If you see the 'kids' looking like dead chickens, that is their way of keeping cool during the hottest part of the day.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Family Video

Hi, I'm sure you've noticed we have three hatches now. The third came on May 19.

Here's a cute video of the whole family.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Feeding Photos

One of my readers sent in some more photos, thank you Sloan! Love the third one of Dad hanging out on the ledge. You know it's killing him to be off the nest!

Hatch No. 2

Hatch 2 happened about 9:15.

Thanks to Sloan for sending me a photo right after hatching.
Note: Mom is not letting Dad be on the nest much now!

This one is at 12:00 after drying.

Hatch No. 1

Whoop! We have a baby. Hatch happened sometime before 6:30am local time.
Breakfast at 8:12am. And let me just say, Bob Walters pegged the date perfectly. Note hole/pip in another egg in the top photo. I'd expect hatch two sometime today.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We have a Pip!

Hello! I'm back. Just in time... we have a pip. Go over to BCAW to see more great photos. Apparently if you are watching at just the right time you can hear the chick in the egg. Bob predicted first hatch May 16 through 18.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Falcon Central

I am headed to Chicago this weekend but will be back just in time for hatchings!

I spent some time labeling photos of our falcon playgrounds to help out the BCAW website's SLC page. Take a look. Bird Cams Around the World SLC Page 

More diagrams and witty explanations at the link but here's a sample. The fun starts in about two weeks!