Monday, July 25, 2011

New Heights

A few of us spent time down at Temple Square last night and we now know the kids are hanging out on the north face of the Church Office Building (COB) and probably sleeping there overnight (see second picture). Tonight there was not much flying until a good wind picked up and then we were treated to a great display very high over the COB. Around and around they went from north to south.  Bob is pretty sure we saw all four kids plus one adult. My camera just didnt do a good job of picking up the birds in flight but I added one just so you get an idea. The light was too low by the time they started their aerials. Apparently they put on the same show the night before so if you are downtown looking, late evening, that's the spot. We had best viewing across the street on North Temple.

One kid on each of the top two breezeway shelves.

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