Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comparing Markings

One of the questions that comes up a lot is how we can tell the four juvenile falcons apart when they are flying and up on ledges. Well, we can't all the time and its getting harder now that they are all about adult size. We used to be able to tell Bobbie because she had some down left on her and Charlie because he was flying sooner and he is smaller. But unless they perch together, its really difficult to tell. One way we can tell, if we can get a scope on them, is by their malars, those dark mustaches they all sport. I spent some time blowing up photos from banding and hope it will help ID them, but really they look very similar. Charlie has small little dark 'v's' off his malars towards his beak and his mask is dark. Sally is very light, her mask stops at the corner of her eyes and leaves very light cheeks. I will print these off and show Bob (because the poor guy has no time to get near a computer these days) and see what he things could help us ID the juvies. If anyone has more, clear, photos of Bobbie, please email them to I could only find two and they aren't very clear. I would also like one of the four in the nest prior to fledging, all lined up in a row.
All Four Juvies from left to right top to bottom: Amelia, Charlie, Sally, Bobby

Amelia banded on July 6 (flednged 7/6/11 at 6:18am)

Charlie banded on July 7 (fledged 7/7/11 5:57am)

Sally banded July 7 (fledged 7/7/11 at 6:15am)

Bobbie banded July 7 (fledged 7/7/11 11:00am)

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