Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flight Videos

I am in the process of uploading several videos taken this evening, so check back tonight and tomorrow on my YouTube channel. It was beautiful this evening with the lights and sky. Check out my video channel here www.youtube.com/cardlizzy  Tomorrow I will try to add more notes, but for tonight, I am too tired! When I left downtown, two kids were at Charlie's Cafe (a knickname for the corner of the building where they seem to be fed a lot) and one was sitting at the feet of the golden stature on the center spire and the last one was on the north face of the Temple.

There is a juvenile bird who made a good landing on the top right spire basket.


Anonymous said...

I was downtown for work today and had the opportunity to see (and HEAR) these gorgeous, NOISY birds! Thanks for the update.

Kestrel said...

For what length of time do the parent bird continue to bring food to the youngsters? I loveit, "Charlie's Cafe"! Almost fell off my chair laughing!