Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to 2014

The cameras will be turned on in early April, right after the conferences are over.

This was posted on the SLC Falcon Facebook page a few weeks ago. Sorry about the bad news but it's good to know our female appears to have a new mate and has been visiting the nest box over the winter. Coverage of the 2014 season will begin in late April ~ see you then.

We have some sad news concerning our own SLC peregrine falcons. The male adult peregrine falcon (aka Dad) has been laid to rest. Bob, the rehabilitator and the rescue team went to great lengths to save and enable dad to be used as an education bird, but foot problems, some of which were undoubtedly a result of balance difficulties associated with the dislocated shoulder, proved to make that best hope impossible. We didn't want him suffering. The good news is we still expect a pair in the box this year. The female has been spotted downtown with a new male falcon. The cameras will hopefully come on sometime in April--not too long.