Thursday, April 17, 2014

Egg 4

I guess its not over until its over, right? Egg 4 arrived April 15 approx. 9:45p local time.

So arrival dates are:

April 8 (earliest detected 7:45am)
April 10 1:55pm
April 13 (earliest detected 7:28am)
April 15 9:45pm

Hatch dates should be the second week of May based on 29-32 gestation from last egg appearing. That's May 14 to 18.

Video credit goes to, of course, Mary Anne of BCAW. (>

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It appears that incubation is now in full swing. I was asked about why they were ignoring the eggs a couple days ago. I found this explanation on the Boise peregrine page. Based on this, it appears we will only have three eggs this year. I hope Bob Walter's stops by to comment on this. Happy Tax Day.

Typically, the falcons do not begin incubating until the third or fourth egg arrives so that all the eggs hatch about the same time. Otherwise, the bigger, first-hatched chick would have an unfair advantage at feeding time over the smaller, last-hatched chick. You will see both adults sitting on the eggs at times over the next few days but incubation does not begin in earnest until the laying period ends.

The eggs are capable of withstanding temperatures below freezing. The chicks do not develop much inside the egg until incubation begins. Occasionally, the eggs will appear to be left alone for short periods but, even when the adults are out of camera range, you can rest assured that at least one is always nearby to protect the nest.

Mom, serious about incubation.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Egg No. 3

I turned on the nest cam about 7:25 MT to see Dad getting up off eggs, and there are three now. So I am guessing it has been there a little while. He is has settled back down again but I snapped this before he did.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Egg 2

Egg No. 2 arrived this afternoon! We are so thankful to skygirlblue for grabbing videos!! This new Dad is very cute. I think it must be his first family.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

KSL Interview

You can't keep Bob away from the camera. This was a good spot with a little bit of the peregrines history. BTW, egg No. 1 arrived early this morning, about 7:45.

Bonding Video

Hi again, thought I would share a little video shared on the BCAW site from yesterday. We've seen this behavior before... seems a little bonding ceremony over the nest is in order.


Cameras are ON!

Good Morning!

The nesting season kicked off this weekend and our cameras are live. You can access them directly from,AAAAjP0hvGE~,N-ZbNsw4qBprGx4FBqVjCHKnXz1jxdax&bctid=3427136757001

or go

The new male we saw arrive late last season seems to be a keeper. Here he is snoozing in the box over the weekend. As I opened the cam this morning, he's on the ledge of the box looking a little wet or maybe just ruffled for warmth.
The second photo was taken a few weeks ago up on one the tall office buildings.