Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pomera's Nightly Report

Wow, things can change fast. Here is Pomera's report of events today:

The day was very slow until about 7:30 p.m. and then all hell broke loose. The birds all started flying at the same time and it was hard to keep track of them.

#2 Charlie is quite proficient and the least of our worries. #1 Amelia was the first to fledge and has been slow to fly, but did quite well today. #3 Sally's footwork has improved greatly and she made some very nice landings today. We were able to keep track of these three birds reasonably well.

#4 Bobbie was another story. She took off to the south down Main Street which is one of the worst places the birds can be. A big thanks to Jon and Susan Everts for tracking Bobbie until she flew into a construction area. From there, Bob donned a hard hat and with the help of Metro Security, was able to locate the bird. Long story longer, he coerced the bird to fly from this dangerous area. Bobbie made her way over to Jon's quadrant and he made a fabulous pick-up.

So to summarize, we left three kids on the temple and Bobbie went home with Bob tonight. Bob and Bobbie - kind of sweet, huh ;-)


Anonymous said...

You guys are the BEST!

Michelle said...

Great work guys!!! The best indeed. I was down there on Saturday and witnessed all of the love and greatness Bob, Liz and all the volunteers are bringing to these beautiful birds.
I love all the kids, but I have a big soft spot for Bobbi :))