Monday, July 21, 2014

Guest Photo

Shelly made this great image of Hunter, Skye and Ace yesterday looking out from the Key Bank building yesterday. The kids were playing on the World Trade Center (Eagle Gate) tower. So good to see them all together!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Update from Bob

Hello, I have been traveling to see family so haven't had time to post but here is a little update from Bob that came in while I was gone.

July 18:

Don, Valarie and I watched the kids this a.m. before 7:30. All three put on quite a show flying high - at one point, all three in the air together - all around and over the Eagle Gate Tower (World Trade Tower), Key Bank Tower, Zions Bank Tower, Gateway West Tower. What a wonderful spectacle in the cool temperature of the morning! FYI - according to my records, Ace and Hunter (63 days old) have been out of the nest box for 24 days on this date (July 18) and Skye (60 days old) has been out for 20 days on this date (July 18). Best time to check out flights early and late in the day ... when it's cool.

July 15:
Three kids downtown on the wing last evening as were spectators Valarie, Kat and I. Valarie and I were treated to an unsuccessful prey exchange between Dad and Ace in which a live starling was dropped only to be re-captured in mid-air by Dad. Ace resumed the chase and, theoretically, snatched the starling and consumed it above Johnny Rockets (large, brown canopy at the base of the Key Bank Tower). It was sooo cool to witness!

July 14:
Over the weekend, had a report of a strongly vocalizing peregrine at the Intermountain Medical Center. Long story made shorter: 

I visited today. Noticed that workers had removed the nest box once visible to the right (north) of the large blue letters that read (from State Street)  Intermountain Medical Center. Workers were busy cleaning, or painting, or "sealing" the wall below from a suspended platform.

Went over to the shaded, west face and what did I see? 2 adult peregrines: one perched on the mounting hardware that supports the sign and one on a letter. With the assistance of someone with their maintenance department, I was able to get a look into the nest box resting on the roof. Box filled with pigeon guano and a single pigeon egg. Is it possible that this pair is nesting elsewhere on the building, or somewhere nearby that facility? Answer: yes. So, if you have some time and/or live nearby, take a look. Maybe we're on to something good!

The nest box on IMC. 

I took this photo back in 2012 of a peregrine on the IMC letters on the East side.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Update on Dad and Kids

Update at 12:00pm: Bob saw all five around noon Saturday. Dad on COB, Mom and kids on Eagle Gate tower. Great to hear!! Skye seems to roam but always returns.

I have been traveling since Wednesday so haven't had time to share these updates... I'll post more as it comes in.

From Bob Friday after a video alert that Dad may have injured a foot, see video here

Hi, Folks - 

I observed Dad this a.m. perched upon a narrow, vertical column (one of his "spots") on the north face of the Zions Bank Tower. He appeared at first to be prone (not unusual for him - I think that he likes to hide there), but then stood for some time on both feet: neither leg/foot was hanging limply either to the front, or back. 

Next problem ... we experienced high winds last evening. Maybe, as a result, Skye, again. appears to be MIA. At this time, I've have not received a call from the observation deck hostesses that Skye is again trapped in an observation deck, pockets atop the tall Church Office Building, etc.! I'll keep looking through the day and let you know what I discover. 



P.S. Mary Anne - thanks, as per normal, for providing the footage that alerted us to a possible problem (i.e. showing Dad favoring the leg/foot)

P.S.S. yesterday, at about 2:02 p.m., all three young-of-the-year were perched on the sign (red-colored key icon/logo and words Key Bank) on the north face of the Key Bank Tower 


This was from Bob earlier this week.

Monday morning Hunter was captured where she was found trapped in the western observation deck of the tall Church Office Building. Immediately following her capture, she was released, again, below the beehive on the JSMB.

I was downtown watching the birds on Tuesday evening when I received a call from Church Security that a bird was tapped in the eastern observation deck of the tall Church Office Building. That bird, Skye, appeared to have re-damaged her upper bill so I took her to raptor rehabilitator Joann Stoddard for evaluation and a stay over night in her care. We're presently planning to apply an acrylic of some time (rather than something like Super Glue) to repair and stabilize the injured/damaged bill. If all goes as planned, Skye will be released as soon as sometime later in the day today, Wednesday, July 9. 

FYI -  It's important that Skye get back with the family as soon as possible to enable her to receive the training necessary via the adults to go forward: earn her wings, disperse to the wild, get on with life, thrive in the wild, etc..



P.S. Ace and Hunter looked fine early in the day today, Wednesday (0641-0738) + no one ever said that HellWeek(s) was easy!

Monday, July 7, 2014

More Photographs from M. Roberts

We've been treated to wonderful photos this fledge season, particularly from Marguerite Roberts. Here are a few more from the last few days. You can follow her on Twitter @mhrfoto.

I will have a few more of mine from this weekend to post tomorrow. Please stop back. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Evening at Falcon Central

We never look forward to July 4th, not knowing how the juvies will react to the noise. In my memory, the fireworks were never an issue, because they were far enough away to not be very loud. Well my memory was wrong! Maybe the laws have changed, but the type of fireworks being blown off by regular folks in their yards was significant. All was well until about 10:00p, then with the first explosion one juvie came of COB wailing and looking for Mom. We were a bit worried about Skye, since she'd been on the Eagle Gate all night and had not come around to where the rest of the family was sitting, on Eagle Gate and COB. It was getting very hard to see, but Kat saw her finally fly off EAST, which is not the direction we wanted her to go. She was seen flying over the Alta Club area and we lost track. I could see Bob get

Friday, July 4, 2014

Special Photos from Volunteer, Rahul.

Sometimes people can really surprise you. This year Bob received a phone call from a high school senior asking if he could attend our volunteer 'training' and help during fledge week. Bob, of course, agreed.

I met Rahul for the first time as he carried Ace to the vestibule to be boxed for re-release on the Beehive. I could tell he was rather excited and I wondered how he became interested in this project but I never found the chance to talk to him.

This past Monday, I was on my lunch hour from work, chatting with June and Bob, under the tree at Falcon Central. I asked Bob about Rahul and 'how did a young man end up hanging out with all of us old folks, watching birds?' Bob said, 'Well, June knows the story better than I do.' Turns out Rahul is an avid

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Urban Falcons and Bob Walters

I meant to post this yesterday but then Skye went missing and all my well-laid plans blew up. I work in a building the next block over from Falcon Central and during this time of year I always bring my field glasses so I can take a quick peek during my lunch hour or walking over to my building. I try to call him for an update mid-morning. When I called yesterday, he had just lost track of Skye. Then when I called back at noon, he told me about the sighting up on First Avenue, which is a maze of driveways, nooks, balconies etc. I spent my lunch hour helping search, to no avail. A large group came down last night and this morning and searched again. Anyway, you know the rest. She was found just after I left the site today on the building across the street. Yippee!  (BTW, it's getting very hot here mid-day, 93 today!)

So now I can finally get to the post from yesterday. I think I mentioned that we had Brian Grimmett, filmmaker and director on hand for our fledges this year and he promised that he would share his work

Skye Was Lost, But Now She's Found

I will write a longer post later tonight but just an update on Skye. The last 24 hours we lost track of her and she was seen up near First Avenue. Volunteers were out in droves last night and this morning. Our volunteer, Jo, spotted her on a building just to the south of Temple Square. She seems fine! Happy dances!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Quieter Day

A couple notes I took today: When the first volunteer arrived at 6:30-ish, she saw a bird fly over her head from the north of the garden area and try a landing on the Administration Bldg. It fluttered to the base of one of the columns which is a ledge that is still rather high for humans to climb up to. Bob hoisted Kat up, she grabbed up Skye and they released her again on West side of Beehive where she is currently. The other two are flying and landing so high now, that we can't tell who is who. So, one is on SW corner of COB, the other is on west side of Eagle Gate (World Trade Center) building somewhere.

I also received this note from M. Roberts, the generous photographer who has spent some time with us, and was with Bob very early this morning.  Hunter and Ace flew around. Then Mom & Hunter flew

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skye Banded - Sunday's Photos

Skye made a couple of small flights back and forth across S. Temple today, getting herself trapped on a terrace. Bob was able to get a security guard to let him in the Eagle Gate building to access the area, so Skye was picked up, banded and put out on the Beehive this afternoon. I have no news if she has made any flights from there. Hunter and Ace have been flying well all day making flights from Eagle Gate to COB and back. I will not be on site Monday and Tuesday but will post an update each day on any news.

Here are photos from today.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

9:45pm Update

Here is an update from Bob at 9:45pm.

Eventful day! Hunter took a flight up to Zion's Bank, landing behind the letters, then slipped down behind them in an area Bob knows is hard for them to fly out of. Security took him up and sure enough she was down 15 feet below the edge. He found a long wooden plank and set it up to make sort of a 'peregrine ladder'. She walked up it and flew out eventually. Then making a good flight with Mom and Ace up to top of COB. She is flying very well. Skye remains in the same area she fledged to, although flew over to an opposite shelf further inside the shopping court. Bob is alerting security that she is there and to call him if they find her on the ground. The crew is headed home now to return very early tomorrow.

Check out this video with Mom making a food delivery today at 5:08p to an empty box! She looks all around for a kid. Wonder if she was looking for Hunter since she was MIA for a bit.

Photos from Friday - Day 4 out of Nest

Hunter resting on Temple

Skye Fledges!!

UPDATE: Skye was found on Eagle Gate, 2nd level of patio wall. All is well!!

Skye fledged at 5:47 am according to this footage. We have not located her yet. Is there anyone in any of the tall buildings near State and S. Temple Streets that can help us 'look'? Call Bob at 801-209-5326.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday's Antics ~ Photos

Good morning! Just talked to Bob. During yesterday's hard rainstorm, team lost visual on #2 Hunter. Someone caught a bird and Mom flying south on Main Street so a search was conducted all along Main and through the City Creek shopping center. Finally Carol noticed a security guard at the Harmon's grocery, looking down, staring at something (sure sign), which turned out to be Hunter! Bob made the decision, since no one had seen a meal delivered to Hunter for the last three days, that maybe the rehabber should see her, give her a meal and keep her overnight. She remains there but is expected to return to the site for release this noon. We are expecting another few rain storms about the same time, so possibly they could cause a delay in release. Ace is flying very well, come in to his own Bob says, has flown high over Zion's, Eagle Gate and up to top of COB, our tallest building. He was delivered food up on a ledge on Zion's bank this morning. Bob is really pleased. #3 Skye remains in the box, being fed consistently, if not too much. Yesterday afternoon, Mom brought in a coot or duck, which I noticed first because from below a tail was seen hanging out of the box that was not a peregrine. Further inspection of the live cam told us sure enough, it was large prey on the rock (and due to viewing cam, lost all my data on my phone!) 

Here are my notes from yesterday, obviously outdated but help explain the photos below: "Although I left right before a huge storm rolled in this afternoon, and I haven't talked to anyone to see how they all fared through the rain. The wind picked up so much this afternoon and both Ace and Hunter kept flying up the the peak of the JSMB where the wind made it hard for them to keep their footing. The amazing part was that Mom was using the opportunity to hover over them, just hanging in the wind, maybe giving lessons. Ace finally let go of the roof and rose straight up, then rode the wind over higher than where he was yesterday. He made it all the way up to the top of the Zion's Bank building, no problem!! Mom continued to hover over him, diving at him sometimes. But he held that spot for over 2 hours. Eventually he flew off, over to the Eagle Gate, even higher!! Landing way above the ledge he was on yesterday. That is where he stayed until I left at 5:15p

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Updates Again

Just talked to one of our volunteers for updates. Ace is flying very well, landed on shoulder of church office building (COB) where Mom brought him a HUGE meal, likely a Coot. Hunter has been making good flights but landed in the courtyard of the Lion House this morning so was put back up on the beehive. She immediately flew off, made a circle and landed back on JSMB just above the nest box.