Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bob on Local News and Falcon Update

Bob was interviewed by Fox13 News yesterday. You can find the video here:,0,4870506.story

And here is Pomera's report for the day plus a photo of Sally sitting on a scallop and then flying off Tuesday around 1:30:

Greetings -

Lots of shenanigans by the Flying Zambinis tonight. One bird crashed into the window of The Roof. She took some subsequent flights and seems to be okay. Three of the young are accounted for as of quitting time tonight with one MIA, who is likely safe and not too far away.

We may not mount an all day watch on Friday, but will at least check in on the birds morning and evening. 

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Anonymous said...

THANKS SO MUCH, for posting, since we wait, holding our breath, to hear stories, and hope to know that all goes well for our Falcons......
Thanks so much for watching, and for checking in with us!!!!!

Lady Chevalier/RaNae said...

Wonderful Posts. Great photos as always. Look forward each and everyday and evening for reports on the amazing falcons. Thank you so much. Not surprised to hear about the encounter with the JSB and The Roof restaurant window. Glad all is well. A little trepidation over the falcons gaining their complete freedom and maturity. They will be very much missed. Thanks again.

Willi said...

I had my web cam on last night (as always) and one of the parents flew up to the nest. Right shortly after the adult flew off, I heard a loud
crash. I think it might have been the young bird
crashing into the window as you stated. I hope
everything is ok. It was really loud. As always
thank you for keeping us informed. I was down at Temple Square on Wednesday. What an exciting evening of bird watching. I'm so proud of the kids. I got to spend some time with Bob and was able to pick his brain about a lot of interesting details. It has been a real experience since I saw 4 eggs in the nest.
Onward and upward!!!