Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Story of Bobbie in the Tree

There are so many funny stories told while watching the kids, as well as lame wildlife jokes by Bob - I will have to post some of them in the future. I particularly like the story about the badger walking the streets of Salt Lake.

Anyway, this is a story about Bobbie. When I arrived at Falcon Central yesterday at noon, everyone was buzzing about Bobbie having landed in a tree (unusual for a Peregrine and probably not her intended landing spot) and that it was almost dark so there was nothing they could do. They had to leave her in the tree (which hangs very close to a busy street) and hope she would be ok. Bob enlisted the help of a horse and carriage driver (who was staying downtown until midnight) who used to live on a farm and knew how to catch chickens :) and gave her a cardboard box, a towel and some duct tape and asked her if she found the bird to do her best to catch it and call Bob. Well all ended up well, Bobbie was still there at 5:45am when Pomera came down on Tuesday morning. She soon after hopped up the tree and flew off. Disaster averted! Here's a video of John (and Nate his brother) telling the story of Bobbie in the tree. Thanks, John, for letting me tape you :)


Kestrel said...

I just have to check in every day! I have so enjoyed this website since I discovered it by accident after moving to Utah. Wonderful photos and videos.

Willi said...

Liz: Bobbi has been my favorite right from the
beginning. She was the smallest, weakest (in the beginning), youngest, and then she pushed her way to the front of the feeding line and Voila!- She was one of the "big kids". She has done very well (since she fell out of the nest) Couldn't have though, without all you guys looking after her. Thanks for another Bobbi story.
Hope to get down there tonite to see what's up.