Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update July 1 - 8:50p

Primo is doing well, short flights between the Temple and JSMB.

Boxer Sue hung out most of the day on north side of JSMB but just 20 min ago took a big flight over the admin building then across South Temple and got herself caught in an area of the copper colored skyscraper. Bob is on the way to rescue her and will keep her overnight for safe keeping, then release her in the morning. The picture below is of Sue just before release this morning.


Anonymous said...

Where was Boxer Sue released and do you know where she is now and how she is doing? Was she released in the vacinity of the adult birds?

Anonymous said...

The kids are always released on the beehive structure at top of JSM building. Parents stay in that area and are very aware of where they are. Primo is also in the same area. Parents will continue to deliver food for the next week and then begin teaching hunting skills...Liz

john said...

It looks like primo is going to take another ride in a box to the beehive structure at the JSMB not sure what happened