Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boxer Sue Photos

Hi there,
Just a quick post to tell you that Mike who works in the Eagle Gate Tower has seen Boxer every day on his building. Today she landed on a window sill and was pecking at the glass. He took some video which I should have tomorrow. Aren't these just great!


Willi said...

Liz- unbelievable photos Kudos to Mike for these
I was having a bad day at work but when I pulled up these pics it made my day. Any news on Primo yet? I have been checking every day for updates and this is the best!!! Thanks again, I can't say it enough for your dedication- all of you, Liz Bob Mike Steve and the whole crew.

Anonymous said...


Bob and Robin said...

Awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing. The Boise falcons are doing extremely well and developing their flying skills quickly. Thanks for sharing the SLC information. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!

Anonymous said...

HI LIZ, These are simply FANTASTIC, AND AS EVERYONE DOES, I THANK ALL OF YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing photos, info, and energy with us...We who aren't there! We can't do without our Falcons,
and we can't do without you all!!! These photos will make my month!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS So So So anxious for news of Primo...How is he doing in every way?

Liz Schubert said...

I have some videos to post tonight of Boxer so come back later. Talked with Bob yesterday. I have very little news on Primo. He is still at rehab, eating quail, they are still looking for a large flight cage (possibly one down state). No certain plans yet. I wish there was more. Working on getting invited to take photos of Primo but no reply yet.

Angie said...

What awesome pictures!! She is so beautiful!! I was out of town for a few weeks and was so happy to see she is doing so good..

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! She is so beautiful. Such a precious creature.

Can't wait for the video.