Friday, July 6, 2012

Boxer Sue and Primo Update July 6

Today was an excellent flight day for Boxer Sue. When I arrived at Falcon Central, Boxer was on the Church Office Building and the very top, with Mom watching guard. Apparently she landed there last night and the parents put on a great flying show right in front of her. She must have got the idea because we were all treated to some fantastic flights just before lunchtime. She eventually flew her way over to Zion's Bank building and once again disappeared down in to the area where that fan is. She stayed there most of the afternoon but then flew back over to the COB and was there when I called Bob at 8:45 tonight.

Primo is another story. Primo has not flown since his release yesterday and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to attempt it again. He is sitting on the beehive and calling out to parents who fly over and appear to check him out but then leave. Hopefully tomorrow he will be flying. Maybe he's just sore from his crash.

Adult (left) keeping track of Boxer (right, cadillac-ed)

Primo stretching his wings on Beehive north.
Boxer (on left, darker juvenile feathers) flying w/adult.
Boxer flying over State and First Avenue
After many loops of the sky in front of this building, Boxer landed on the shoulder, west side of south face. See next pic for detail. She is very high up there!


Anonymous said...

What a great day for boxer sue!! So good to hear she's doing so awesome! I passed the church office bldg today around 11ish and while stopped at the light I had to look up since I'm so obsessed with the birds. And I saw one of the birds flying high and assumed it was mom or dad but now I'm thinking I saw boxer sue!!!the poor guy in the car behind me probably thought I was out of my mind with my head hanging out the window watching the skies :) Hopefully primo gets his courage back and starts flying with his sister tomorrow :) love these amazing birds!

Anonymous said...

We're all praying for Primo to continue his miraculous recovery and be able to fly again. He's such a special bird.


Anonymous said...

I am coming into the area Thursday early evening...sure hope I can meet some of the watchers and see the birds. They fascinate me. Just want them both to do well and make it on their own.