Sunday, July 15, 2012

Primo and Boxer Update

On Friday night Primo was perched on the Alta Club building. Just at dark he flew off, low to the ground, west on South Temple Street and landed around the west side of JSMB, on the ground. If there had been any traffic on South Temple, he would have hit or been hit by a car. Bob picked Primo up, put him in the usual box, and had a very difficult discussion with all the falcon crew, and Joanne by phone, about whether Primo should be taken away from Temple Square for his own safety. Bob and most of the crew felt that Primo would likely end up being hit by a car in the near future. This was the third time Primo had landed in or near the street and cars in the last three days. So, with a heavy heart, I tell you the news that Primo is officially out of the program. He is with the Joanne, the rehabber, in a mew (a falcon cage) with the intent that he will be moved to a large enclosure soon where he can get some flight practice.

Some questions come to mind, which I will answer with my amateurish knowledge and input from Bob:

1. Will Primo be returned to Temple Square? Probably not, since within another month, Boxer will be leaving to find other territory (the adults don't allow the kids to stay in their territory too long), and migrating south come fall. Besides, all the buildings and glass are just unfriendly environs.

2. Will Primo be reunited with his family? Again, probably not. Falcons are not 'pack' animals but live solitary lives or as pairs and only with offspring for a short time. We've already seen the parents somewhat indifferent to Primo when he doesn't fly. Once he did attempt a flight, they would bring him food but otherwise there is not much interaction.

3. Will Primo be returned to the wild in some fashion? It's very possible if he gets better with his flights. Bob said there are canyons just north of Salt Lake City where falcons have nested in prior years that would be a much friendlier environment for him to be released.

4. Will we know what is the final outcome? Yes, Bob has said that he will be in touch with Joanne regularly and will keep me updated on Primo's progress. He is doing well so far and has been eating quail.

As for Boxer Sue, she is doing great! When I talked to Bob tonight he said that she was putting on a great show over Temple Square. He is feeling very good about her abilities. She has been seen taking prey hand offs in the air from a parent. She will be hunting soon.

This week the falcon crew will scale back our presence downtown. There will still be evening aerial shows and if you are interested you should take the time to come down to the grounds soon. We usually hang out on the sidewalk on South Temple Street, just between the Administrative Bldg and Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg.

Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of Macy that I received from a reader who was there that first day of fledgling. I was holding off until we felt sure all our tragedies were behind us.

I leave you with a picture of Bob Walters as he is given a very appreciated lift back to Falcon Central by carriage driver Lisa, after a long, hot day chasing the falcon kids on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Liz! I actually feel a sense of ease now knowing Primo is in good hands. Some guys are just very stubborn after all :) Boxer Sue will always be my little sweetheart in my heart because of how brave and graceful she seems. I think we all can adopt her as our own :)


skygirlblue said...

Thanks so much for the update, Liz. I think that was a very wise decision. I hope that one day Primo will be strong/confident enough to be released in the wild. But if not, we know that he will be in good, safe hands!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Liz. I do think that is a very wise decision to keep Primo for now, and let him get his wings better, so to e-speak, so that he has the best chance for a long and healthy life.

Love live Boxer Sue...she had a rough start being scared out of the nest, and look at her go!

I am sorry I missed seeing anyone Thursday night when I was in the area. I looked; figured you all must have been off rescuing one or something.

Way to go, Lisa. :)


Anonymous said...

Tough call. Good call. I appreciate all your work.
Orem, Utah

Anonymous said...

Liz, thanks so much for doing this blog and keeping us all informed. I was sad to hear about Primo but I think it's much better than another death. He might have been affected by his accident more than we know. But it's sure wonderful knowing how many people care so much about him and his family. Go Boxer!!!

Willi said...

Liz- I had a thought about Boxer Sue, remember last year when Bobbie fell
out of the nest, (she was the last to fledge - woops (fall) out of the nest and she was the baby who just about didn't make it, always pushing her way up front to get fed, well it seems like Boxer Sue has the same spirit and fortitude to try harder. Remember that Bobbie and Charlie were the survivors last year. Boxer Sue had a rough start, but now she seems to be on top of the world. Love hearing good stories about her. I feel ok about Primo, I sure hate to see them have accidents. It seems He/She likes our new City Creek shopping center which is much too dangerous for Falcons. Thanks again for this great question and answer page too.

Willi said...

Bob-If anyone deserves a ride its you!!
Thanks for caring for our remarkable birds.

Liz Schubert said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Yes, last year we had some drama as well. Anyone who is interested can go to the blog archive on the right side of this window and see all the posts from last year. It's always sad when the fledge year comes to an end and we begin to say goodbye to the team and the birds. I will be posting a little more this coming week but we are winding down for sure.