Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blasted Hot

Its been extremely hot the last few days, up over 100, and the heat wears out everyone. The adults and kids seem to be flying a lot less the last few days. Primo was released on the Beehive yesterday around 12:45pm and stayed there overnight. He was seen with Boxer Sue on the west wing of the JSMB this morning. That is a great sign that he is moving away from the Beehive. Boxer has flown less the last few days too, choosing instead to hide on the Beehive and hang out with Primo. I just talked to Bob and Boxer took a big flight a bit ago and is now up on that ledge on Eagle Gate tower. I will head downtown tonight and see if I can get some photos of flights. We had a cool morning (88) but its headed to 103 this afternoon. A cool front is moving in overnight and our temps will be a chilly 89 or so the next few days and that should stir up the kids a bit.

Bob Walters of Utah Wildlife Division (our fearless leader) trying to keep cool in the shade.


Willi said...

Great Job Bob. Thanks for all your efforts on
behalf of our beloved birds. Must be quite a reward seeing the birds fly after you've captured them and had them banded and checked out at the rehab facility. Can't thank you and Liz enough
during these flying lessons for keeping us all
informed. Lets pray for a little more rain and
cooler temps.

Liz Schubert said...

You are welcome Willi, it's great to have readers and comments!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks to "Our Fearless Leader" Bob, and to you, Liz, for all that you do keeping us informed and posting those great pics! You and all the volunteers are Falcon Angels.... (we need t-shirts ;))
~Susan Williams

kittenface said...

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you that are out there in this heat your all the best but please take care of yourselves, and second I want to thank you Liz for keeping us updated on all that is going on.