Friday, July 13, 2012

Primo's Flight Part 2 and 3

Well, Primo has been a doozy of a flyer the last few days. As you know, Wednesday night Primo was atop the Assembly Hall and he ended up spending the night there. He (and now there is talk that Primo may be a 'she') stayed there until mid-day when he decided to fly south on West Temple Street to the area around Abravenal Hall. There was an immdediate scrambling and looking by the crew, and he was eventually spotted and caught on the ground near West and South Temple Streets. Of course, he was returned to the Beehive where he sat all evening and was still there this morning when I arrived at 7:30. Boxer joined him early this morning (see photo) on JSMB, and that was the last image I caught before my battery died...great. Boxer left his side and flew somewhere on the Temple (we think) but as has happened each afternoon this week, Boxer just gives us the slip and hunkers down somewhere but eventually pops up in the early evening. I left downtown around 11am with Primo still sitting on top of that roof of JSMB.


Around 2:45 I received a call from Bob, out of breath, telling me Primo had flown south on State Street and had disappeared somewhere around Social Hall / Harmons area - he asked if I had any 'eyes in the sky' in that location. That has to be one of the busiest corners in Utah! I quickly called people I know who work in buildings in that area, asking them to look out their windows in hopes to help find Primo. No luck.

Update as of 8:15pm tonight, Primo has popped up on a lamp on the top of the Alta Club building and was fed by a parent. He may just stay there for the night! Thank goodness its not a workday tomorrow. It will at least ease the traffic nightmare on that corner. And Boxer... Bob said he landed inside the observation deck on tall COB this evening. That can be a bad place for the birds to get themselves out of as there are all sorts of fences to keep humans from falling off. Its a rather large leap for a young bird to make. That is the spot where one of our young was found dead last year. One of our falcon volunteers went up in the elevator to check and Boxer made the leap and got out, which is terrific.  So Primo is getting his wings, finally. He's still not flying very high and he's giving the crew a scare each time he leaves the Beehive but there is much more hope that he will eventually be flying as well as Boxer,.

p.s. If you leave comments on my blog, I'd love to know city, state you are reading from ~ thanks!

Boxer and Primo at 8 am under cloudy skies on west wing of JSMB. 


Anonymous said...

You guys are sure having a lot of fun out there! We love ya all. Take care and thank you for all you do.

Littleton, Colorado

Anonymous said...

When Primo took off from the JSMB he was being mobbed by a robin and flying wildly in the wind. I was so afraid he would slam into something. It's fantastic news that he ended up on the Alta Club building--he must have had more control than I thought. He might give us all a nervous breakdown!


Anonymous said...

We are in Texas but love hearing about Primo and Boxer's new adventures. We started watching them in the nest box when a friend told us about them and have become quite attached to the little guys. We love your blogs and wish you and all of the people who are watching over them the best. Praying that they will survive all of the downtown perils.

Linnea and Glenn

Anonymous said...

I am in Jacksonville, Florida and this is my 2nd year watching the birds and love it. Love hearing about their adventures once they leave the nest box. Thanks for all you do for them


Anonymous said...

boise id here,,,,so glad that your teams are out there pounding the pavement, keeping tags on the fledges. our fledge team,...they sit in chairs and do nothing!