Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fledge Video #3 Boxer Sue

Well, I thought I'd share this video from Glenn of Fledge #3, Boxer Sue, thanks Glenn! You will see Boxer really upset, hissing at the back of the box before Bob pops through and tries to throw a towel over her.  The action starts around 18 min mark. You will note that the parent is VERY upset after Bob appears in the box, not necessarily about the Boxer but did not like that someone was in the nest. You can see the adult flying back and forth over the top screaming.  Remember that this intervention by Bob came about after Boxer was seen flinging herself at the walls of the box, clawing at the camera and acting completely out of control. The rehab expert made a judgement call that the bird needed to come out of the box to be checked. Once Boxer flew out, she landed on the low building wing and then came to the ground shortly later and was captured.

Also below are some pictures from today. Boxer Sue is doing short flights and apparently during the fire truck rescue of Primo, slipped in to a ledge just across the street not far from the action. One of our volunteers, Mary Lou, decided to spend her night on the street below to make sure no more mishaps happened overnight. What a trooper, Mary Lou didn't sleep a wink but just kept watch. Boxer Sue made a short flight from that ledge at 6:30am and hung out on the ZCMI building the rest of the day and was still there when I left at 5pm.

I forgot to mention that after Primo was captured last night, he was taken to the rehab clinic to be checked out and spend the night. He is still there and will remain until tomorrow or Friday. So far he shows no lasting effects from last night. He is up, perched, and eating etc.

Boxer Sue about 11:30am July 4

Boxer Sue about 4:00pm July 4

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Anonymous said...

I was watching the live cameras when Bob came through...but didn't catch the bird flight. Could hear the adult mad as all get out. So glad the are doing okay. Thanks to everyone involved in their safekeeping and getting them the best shot at a long life.