Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Primo Rescued by Fire Crew

I'm back! It was so difficult to be away during fledge but today I had my first (suffering hot) day down at falcon central. I have lots to share including a video of #3 (Boxer Sue) including the infamous 'Bob' in the box appearance in a video captured by a viewer. I caught up on all the stories of fledge and mishaps including last night's crash of Primo into the Zion's Bank Building just about at dusk which is a terrible time to try to perform a rescue particularly the night before a holiday. Apparently Primo was flying large circles at the same time as Boxer Sue and the team was scrambling to keep track of both.  There was a very loud 'boom' and one watcher saw Primo hit the building and freefall to the roof of the entryway on the east side. Below is a view from a parking deck a few blocks away and gives you an idea of the size and fall. Primo hit fairly far up the building face. The bird was not moving after the fall and they were very worried they had a repeat of Macy's disaster. Ten minutes later the bird popped up and appeared to be recovering. Bob tried to get the bank security folks to let him put a ladder up on the entrance roof but it was not looking good. Miraculously? a few minutes later, a fire engine pulls up (where did that come from?? someone anonomously place a call) and the fire crew agrees to let the 'wildlife guy' climb up the ladder to the roof to help out on the rescue (see two photos below).

I will post the video of Fledge #3 in a separate post along with a couple photos of Boxer Sue today on the ZCMI building.

The Administration Building (bottom right) is where Primo flew on his first flight out of the box, directly across from nest box. The Church Office Building is where the adults perch to watch over the area and the nest box.

Bob receives instruction on climbing up the ladder.

The firefighter asked if he could get a photo with Primo (in the towel on his chest)


skygirlblue said...

WOW great pics. . and way to help out, Fire department!!! Thanks for the picture of the buildings, too. . Really helps to see where everything is. .

That Primo is really keeping everyone on their toes.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures!!!! Thank you so very much for the updates, glad you are back. SO glad that Primo is doing good after his crash.. I hope that he continues to go good and when released he is safe. I really wanted to come help out but have been home with a sick kid for a week.. but me and him have been keeping up with the updates and he asks me every day how they are doing. He will be happy to hear they are both doing good.. thanks again for everything!!

Anonymous said...

Also the ver cute fireman holding Primo is by far my favorite picture.. Both are VERY good looking ;)