Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Photo

Here's a great photo of Boxer Sue.

I thought I would include this more detailed story from Felicia on Primo's excursion into H&M (pulled from the SLC Peregrine Facebook page:

I have a funny story about Primo that maybe other people who were closer can correct if I make a mistake. But I thought people following the falcons would get a kick out of it. This morning after Bob let Primo and Boxer out on the JSMB, Primo flew around quite a bit and ended up on the sidewalk on Main Street in front of H&M. Main Street is a super dangerous place for fledgling falcons. A couple of our guys (I don't know whether they want me to mention their names, if they do, I'll let them do it) approached him with their towels, fearful of him flying out in front of traffic or Trax. So Primo does the only thing any reasonable falcon would do--he strolls into H&M, scaring some poor girl half to death in the process (she let out quite the scream I hear). After posing for the tourists, Primo finally allowed the crew to get him in hand (and towel) and Bob took him up and released him again. He was still on top of the JSMB in some hidey hole when I left an hour ago, probably tuckered out from his shopping trip lol.


Willi said...

I guess, hell week......Liz thanks for enhancing
that story about Primo's shopping trip. Love it! You are always on top of things and you have such a sweet wonderful way of colorizing things. Lets keep those babies safe. Thanks for your diligence.

Amber Knieriem said...

That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Thanks for sharing!