Friday, June 28, 2013

Solo still in the Box ~ Adult Male in Rehab

Busy day today. I got a call from Bob this morning around 8:15 that an adult tiercel (male) was found over by North Temple and 300 West on the pavement, with an injured wing. Bob picked up the bird and saw no apparent break but turned him over to Joanne our rehab specialist. We do not know if this is Dad but it's likely it is. He will rest for a few days, then have an xray if its needed. Hopefully to be released early next week. Solo has been very restless, attacking the camera and the opening at the south end of the box today. The weirdest behavior was a sort of 'slip n slide' action over the top of the egg and then rubbing and squirming on top of it. Very odd. I will be down at the gardens early tomorrow, hoping for fledge!

Solo incubating egg!



Anonymous said...

I love this family dearly....hope all goes well.

Thanks for all the updates and work you folks put in.

My first year watching. I saw Solo hatch, been hooked since.


skygirlblue said...

6/29-6:36 am...Breakfast arrives

robgilliland said...

photos of Daddy falcon in the box by katherine Kivett.
thanks kat!

Liz Schubert said...

Thanks Rob, I apologize for not giving her credit!