Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morning Feeding

Ok, I am dangerous now! I have a new software package to record video. This is a bit of the feeding this morning at 8:45 local time (now I just have to figure out how to get the sound added).  Also, I am beginning to add some links to other nests where there are only one chick in the nest for us to keep an eye on. You will find them on the right side of the site. Zoom is an only falcon (female) in Columbus. She is due to fledge the nest this week, possibly Friday, although the normal expected would be a few days longer for a female.


Anonymous said...

Dangerous is okay, go for it! We'll tell you when to stop, just before you reach the cliff's edge. Thanks!


Willi Christensen said...

Great video Liz. Love these closeups. Thanks for doing this. I have been nervous with just one baby, (after seeing other siblings) in the past years \in the nest for them to lean on, sleep on, and eat with. I guess he is getting a lot of attention from Mom and Dad. He is sure growing fast. I imagine you will have sound in a day or so, I know its kind of tricky sometimes. Thank you again for all of your efforts Liz. As always I am still your biggest fan.

Anonymous said...

Is the baby ok? I last checked on him/her at 11:10 am and I swear the little thing wasn't breathing. I will go back and watch some more but I have been worried as things for the past two days haven't seemed right. The baby is left alone a lot so it must get very lonely. Can that have anything to do with growth and survival? Thanks.
Sandy, UT.

Anonymous said...

are these the same parents from last year