Saturday, June 22, 2013

Is Solo being Fed? YES!

I am sharing several videos tonight.

First Skygirl caught this very cute video yesterday of baby and Dad. I love the head cranks when Dad walks by, starting at about 1:25 and through the end.

Next is a video I took today while I was hiking. I left the recorder on about 3:30. At approx. 4:15pm Solo was at the other end of the box wing flapping, playing with leftovers. Of course, I am lousy at this and there is no sound.

Here we finally see dinner being delivered about 5:20. Solo is ridiculous! Her aggression when food is around is quite comical. Self feeding lasted 20 minutes.

And finally, Solo does not want any parental interference. When Mom tries to approach, Solo hisses and eventually runs Mom out of the box.


Anonymous said...

Funny, but I read Solo's "hissing" rather as a demanding "Feed me!"
You can see the future hunting skills instinctively being exercised in her play. She'll be quite the falcon, no doubt.
Thanks for the segments!

Anonymous said...

On the 22nd RW suggested reporting any feedings viewed. On the 23rd and 24th I noted very early morning and early evening feedings, both small to moderate amounts, with Solo mostly self-feeding. I've been monitoring consistently this morning since 5:45 and still no food delivered. At 6AM Mom flew by but didn't land. At 8 Mom flew by and Dad briefly landed. Then Dad would land and take off every 10 to 15 minutes, without bringing breakfast. Solo squawked for food for 30 minutes straight, Mom showed up with nothing and tried to scrounge around nest for leftovers, offering Solo a dried up bite of carcass.
Now, at 9AM, she's just been standing there for several minutes and Solo's given up begging and has sprawled in the shade.

Anonymous said...

I checked back at 11AM and Solo's crop still looks empty. No sign of fresh food having been there. Mom not in sight.

Anonymous said...

It is getting closer to fledge time, very possible they are reducing meals. Keep in mind, that most nests have 3 to 4 babes sharing each meal. Solo gets ALL of what is brought in (because of the coming 98+ degree days starting Thursday, we expect he may leave the box soon. I notice that A LOT of the white fluff is gone today. We have volunteers on the ground outside the box starting today in case of early flight! ~Liz

Anonymous said...

11:50 Looks like Solo's got some in her crop now and signs of fresh food.
Glad to know she's got a safety net. She is a precocious little bird; quite coordinated.