Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From Below

I went over to the gardens on my lunch. He's cute, huh? Here is a note received from Bob which refers to parents demonstrating flying for Solo's benefit. The view he talks about is what Solo sees out of the box:

"watched flight demonstrations by the adults to the east of the JSMB ... flying in the area of the Administration Building and flying/perching on the antenna atop the apartments just east of State Street (northeast corner of State and South Temple streets) and on the scrolls to the north of the nest box. Checked the weather forecast (KSL.com) and here comes the heat: 
Fri. - 100, Sat. - 101, Sun. - 102, Mon. - 101 degrees! So, even though Solo is quite downy, my guess for first vault out is Thurs., or Fri."


Anonymous said...

Great pics of the nest box and cute Solo!
At approx. 2:50 pm Solo was given an entire small bird. At 2:55 it was gone and Solo is resting. The adult peregrines are very committed to the successful fledging of their only young of the year. It is amazing to watch them interact down at the gardens and anyone who is interested should make a trip to observe this rare event.

Anonymous said...

The flight demonstrations this morning were great to watch. The parents kept trying to get her to follow. They would land in the opening of the nesting box. She would run towards the parent and the parent would fly off. She wanted to go, but was afraid to try. This happened over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Great video, work by all. Wonderful, descriptive observations, comments ... you guys are good. If you really see a flight by Solo out of the nest box, please do not hesitate to call me. If I do not answer, I'm runnin' with other SLC PEFA Watchpost/Rescue Team members to catch up to Solo! Better safe, than sorry: we can always talk about how warm it's gonna get over the weekend, etc. Thanks.
(801 209-5326

skygirlblue said...

Great pics!!! there certainly was a lot of activity this morning with parent fly bys. I'm also wondering if the pre-fledge diet has begun!!! I saw the snack in the early afternoon. Sure hope she got a good dinner because she didn't get breakfast!!

Hopefully Solo will be able to handle the heat and not fledge until all that down is gone...and he/she better not go on thursday...I can't watch!! LOL

Good luck all you fledge watchers...and don't forget to wave at the cam!!!

Anonymous said...

6:30AM Solo's feeding on small bird for breakfast. Thanks for the great pics!

skygirlblue said...

Good luck today, everyone

6 am..lots of yelling, flapping, running back and forth...AND Solo perched for a few minutes on the lip of the box.

6:30 am...breakfast...small...more of a snack, but enough to satisfy

Almost 7 am..quiet..Solo is out of cam view at the moment