Saturday, June 29, 2013

Solo Leaves the Nest!

In case you live in a box ~ a falcon box maybe :) ~ and hadn't heard, our little Solo left the nest today! It figures, I was in the car on my way there when it happened! Even Mom was shocked, as you will see in the video! Here are just a few pictures as well but I promise MANY more later tonight, but I need to eat dinner and calm down. It was a very exciting day. I will also get the latest updates from Bob. When I left downtown at 2pm, Solo was hiding out on the Beehive building after being captured in the breezeway by the Lion House Pantry. More later...

Landed on Lion House Roof, slid to Gutter

One of our younger volunteers climbed up the scaffolding to help dislodge Solo! Don't worry, that was Bob's idea, and it worked! She threw a towel to get him to fly off.

He very nicely fluttered to the ground in the breezeway between the buildings.

Solo was very cooperative and beautiful. A very happy Bob Walters!

Getting ready for banding. Solo is a boy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all these updates and pictures. They are so fun to see!

Anonymous said...

I feel a part of Solos life. Thankyou.

Lindsay said...

Lol. He just kind of went for it, didn't he. No anxious squawking. No running to and fro. No dramatic wing flapping. He just went up to the ledge and jumped out. Maybe it's good for mom that he's an only child.

lanasfarm said...

Thank you isn't enough to express how much I appreciate what you have done so that we can watch this amazing series of events. This is my first year, but it's only the start. I'll be waiting for next years adventure.