Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Night Update

Everything is beginning to blur together. Solo has been picked up from the ground at least twice more today. I arrived about 7:45 this morning. Solo was perched on the very top of the West wing of JSMB. Mom was flying by over and over, probably to get him to try a flight. Shortly after that, he did, flying south and then east headed to land on some of the windows on the Zion's Bank bldg. Of course there is no place to land there, so he careened east above S. Temple and tried for the Admin Bldg. He touched the top edge and then drifted downward, not able to grab the ledge. He ended in the gar...den by the sidewalk. He was put back on the Beehive, where Mom encouraged him to move over to the North side and he eventually came down on a ledge and she delivered a pigeon. He ate and then rested there from about 11:00 and was still there when I left at 2:00. I called Bob later and he said Solo had attempted a flight again, landing over by the oval near the tall Church Office building. He again was put on the Beehive and was still there at 8:00 when I talked to Bob. Word on Dad/male adult is that there is no fractures to the wing but he will stay at rehab until he is completely well and not favoring that wing. For now, it appears he will not be around much to help out with Solo.

Mom flying over Solo urging him to fly.
This is Solo's flight about 8:30. I just barely caught him.

Here he is flying over to Admin after failing to land at Zion's.

Picked up out of the garden by Admin Bldg.

He still has some white fluff.

Eating pigeon about 11:00

Solo on ledge, Mom below on scroll, know as Charlie's Cafe.


skygirlblue said...

WOW...Solo is keeping you guys on your toes!!! Thank goodness for all of the watchers!!

Great pics...and thanks for keeping all of us updated!!

robgilliland said...

great pics!!
solo still has cotton.....

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the awesome updates! I look forward to every update..

Anonymous said...

Love the updates. Will miss the nest web cam tho. I hope Solo does well on his own out there. And hope hope mom and dad will be able to reunite after dad is well.

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates and pictures!

Diana Bobo said...

I too am grateful for news and pictures. Thanks to all the volunteers!!! Thanks for the blog. Thanks for being willing to talk to us on the sidewalk.