Sunday, June 30, 2013

Geography of Falcon Grounds

I received a request today for a map of the area, as a lot of my references on Twitter and the blog talk about Beehive, JSMB, Temple, South Temple Street, Zion's Bank, etc.

So below are some photos I edited with labels. You can also go to and put in the coordinates. The main area we cover is bounded by:

  • North Temple Street (on the North)
  • South Temple Street (on the South)
  • State Street (on the East)
  • Main Street and West Temple Street (on the SW and West)
Feel free to ask questions. I will indicate which way you are facing under each photo. More photos from today's adventure will be posted later tonight.

You can click on the pictures to view them larger.

Looking East from just above the nest box.

Looking NE from just right of the nest box.

Looking NNW from Nestbox corner

Looking southwest from Tall Church Office Building top floor.

Sorry for the blurriness, NE view of Admin Bldg and Nestbox area from State St. and S. Temple St.

 This picture was from last year, when Primo was injured flying into Zion's Bank Bldg.
From one block south, looking through 'The Gap' between JSMP and Admin Bldg. Bob's tree is just under that arrow.


skygirlblue said...

Thanks Liz...this really helps!!

Anonymous said...

Bob sits in a tree? How about a picture of that?
Thanks for the update on Solos's dad. I was wondering about him.