Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday's Photos and Updates

Recap of yesterday until I left at 6:30p.

Ace - Was on JSMB NE corner early morning, then made attempts at Church Office Bldg, over to Admin bldg, then back to JSMB NE corner above nestbox. About 4:30 took flight to Moroni statue on Temple, then flew to Eagle Gate Tower (approx. 5:00pm), landed on west shoulder, jumped up to ledge, flew west, was missing for two hours. Finally seen on south slope of Eagle Gate, he flew back to JSMB where he likely stayed the night.

Hunter - Bob released Hunter on beehive when he returned to site Wed morning. She made attempt at COB then disappeared for few hours in apartment area of State St. and First Avenue. Eventually seen
flying to University Club Bldg at 135 E.South Temple St, stuck landing on 10th floor window. Flew back over to apartments on north side of South Temple Street (poor volunteers must have been frantic with all the traffic there), she then flew back to south side of street to perch on windowsill of Alta Club where she stayed until about 3:30p. Then made spectacular landing in street, volunteers grabbed her and she was returned to beehive about 4:15. Made one flight landing on South Temple very near Falcon Central (where Bob had just returned after releasing her), so she was re-released AGAIN approximately 5:45. She remainded on beehive until I left at 6:30. No new updates (keep track on Twitter today, calling Bob this morning)

Skye - Seemed a bit agitated in the box in the morning... fighting with food leftovers. But eventually settled. Food drops a few times Wed. with Dad making drop around 6:00p. Skye seems very alert when a sibling is being released on beehive. Interesting, we have noticed very little vocalizations out of released siblings, not calling for food etc.

Enjoy the photos, I will be back there from 11:00 to 3:30 today, bothering everyone I can for more photos! I take most of these but I sometimes I run across a civilian who has snapped something great (like the one of Hunter in the window), so thank you to all who share their pictures with us!

Skye in box and Ace where he perched most of afternoon.

Ace preparing for flight.

Ace lands on Moroni statue on Temple.
Ace crawling up arm?
Ace on Trumpet, taking off soon.

This was view from my watchpost. Ace was wayyyyy up there.
Sky resting, with wing out, Mom prepping dinner.

Saw this guy when I was not paying attention to nestbox.

Are these the notorious Rainbow members making visit to Temple Square??

Always see bridal parties on Temple Square.
Little do they know there is a baby falcon watching them.

Hunter visits University Club building. Security told me she was a bit stuck, talon between glass and the seal. He knocked on window to get her to fly off.

After leaving U Bldg, flew to apartments then back next door on Alta Club.

Just before flight in to street. Caused a bit of panic, lots of traffic. Safe pick up by Scott and Tricia.

Hunter waiting in box for trip up to beehive. One of these days, I will go up the ladders with Bob.

Dad delivers food to Skye (photo courtesy of DWR Peregrine Falcon Page)

Building where Ace made big flights around 5:00pm

Mom made stop in box.

Mom leaving.
Mom in flight.


Felicia Pimentel said...

I had no idea that Ace had gone up to the Moroni! What wonderful pictures, Liz, thanks! These kids are awesome flyers already.

Lily said...

Thanks for keeping us informed! GREAT pictures!!!

treelover1959 said...

The Moroni crawl made me laugh. I don't know how you find them when they land. Keep track of how is who. Mom seems to do all the work of keeping track. She knows she has good helpers with her kids. That is why she comes back. A GIANT THANK YOU

Chris James said...

The picture of Skye with her wing hanging out of the box has to be one of my favorites of her. What a character. Thank you for sharing those.