Monday, June 23, 2014

Still in the Nest plus Twitter!

Yes, the kids are still in the nest (for now). I stopped at Falcon Central during lunch hour to grab a few photos. Volunteers told me that Mom had dropped a bit a food in the morning and Dad made an appearance (after being missing since mid-day Friday) also dropping off food. Although it seemed to get quite warm in the box today, they still didn't attempt any flights. I ran in to a film maker, shooting a small documentary on the falcons. He was hoping to catch a fledge on camera; had been there since 5:45am. He will be back in the morning in hopes it will finally be the day. 

There is a Twitter account you can follow for latest breaking news on the birds if you like @SLCFALCONS  You can also see it displayed here on the blog to the right side. 

Mom on scrollwork just around the corner from the nestbox.

Dad finally made an appearance. This is him up on a column on the north side of Zion's Bank building in the shade at noon.

This gives you a bit of perspective of how high up Dad is on the building. Right below the arrow he's just a spec.

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