Saturday, June 28, 2014

9:45pm Update

Here is an update from Bob at 9:45pm.

Eventful day! Hunter took a flight up to Zion's Bank, landing behind the letters, then slipped down behind them in an area Bob knows is hard for them to fly out of. Security took him up and sure enough she was down 15 feet below the edge. He found a long wooden plank and set it up to make sort of a 'peregrine ladder'. She walked up it and flew out eventually. Then making a good flight with Mom and Ace up to top of COB. She is flying very well. Skye remains in the same area she fledged to, although flew over to an opposite shelf further inside the shopping court. Bob is alerting security that she is there and to call him if they find her on the ground. The crew is headed home now to return very early tomorrow.

Check out this video with Mom making a food delivery today at 5:08p to an empty box! She looks all around for a kid. Wonder if she was looking for Hunter since she was MIA for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful work you are all doing. Thankyu for all the updates. I feel a part of it all

Anonymous said...

At last, some peace and quiet at home.

treelover1959 said...

If we could have talked Peregrine we would have told her where her kids were. We watched Skye sit in a nook for 14 hours before she finally kinda tumbled and then flew over to the ledge. She is a good ledge walker.I was lucky I got to people watch as falcon watch from my city creek spot. She was about 300 feet away. Everybody on the volunteer squad are so nice. I wanted to watch her jump down yesterday morning. But had to leave after 2 hours. I missed meeting you Liz. I would have liked to have thanked you in person for such a wonderful job. Margaret