Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skye Banded - Sunday's Photos

Skye made a couple of small flights back and forth across S. Temple today, getting herself trapped on a terrace. Bob was able to get a security guard to let him in the Eagle Gate building to access the area, so Skye was picked up, banded and put out on the Beehive this afternoon. I have no news if she has made any flights from there. Hunter and Ace have been flying well all day making flights from Eagle Gate to COB and back. I will not be on site Monday and Tuesday but will post an update each day on any news.

Here are photos from today.

This is the ledge Skye spent the night on. This is where she was when I arrived at 8:45. She then began her walk to the East (left) and around the corner all the way to the south end of the building back to her original landing spot from Saturday.

Skye on NE corner of McConkie Bldg. 9:00 am

She was very close. I started to worry she was going to come after me! East side.

My camera was behaving so well in this light! SE corner.

She got tired of walking around on the ledge and rested a bit.

Bob's chair.

Ace and Hunter up on Eagle Gate Tower 11:30

Skye after she made her first flight today across to JSMB, another ledge walk.

She found a cool window sill to perch on. From here she flew back over to Eagle Gate and landed on the terrace/patio. Needed to be rescued since she couldn't seem to vault up to the ledge to fly out.
Not sure who, Hunter or Ace, flew over to University Club building for short time, then back to Eagle Gate.

Skye after being picked up on the terrace. First time in hand.



Anonymous said...

Love to hear day to day activities of the beautiful birds . So happy they are doing so well. Thank you for your hard work and dedication

kent farnsworth said...

Just so glad they are are still safe...even with the human help they may not have wanted, but so desperately needed. Was proud to be a part of the crew searching for Skye Saturday morning. Great find by John the volunteer who found her in that crevice. I truly shed tears of happiness that she was found and was okay. Thank you for the great photos and updates!

Allycen Farnsworth
Layton, Utah

treelover1959 said...

I wished I could have stayed Sunday morning but I thought maybe if I left she would come down. I like Allycen am glad I went to help Saturday it was really cool to watch these beautiful birds navigate the buildings. The best 16 hours spent watching a bird tease us on flying. Way to go Skye. I hope things go okay for her today. Good Luck Volunteers.

Anonymous said...

The falcons are absolutely beautiful birds! Thanks for sharing pictures of these magnificent birds!