Monday, June 2, 2014

Excitement in the Nest

Hello!! I was at work today, so missed all the excitement.. apparently the cams have been showing old feed and it appeared the chicks were gone. Anyway, all is well but it's so amazing to me how BIG they have gotten in such a short time. Bob mentioned on the Facebook page that we do appreciate when viewers alert us to possible issues in the nest. It's always possible with all the flapping wings and excitement over food, that a chick could fall from the nest. Here's a link to 2011video of baby #4 slipping off the edge on the same day his siblings fledged. It was a little early for him/her but everything turned out alright. Its known at the 'OOPS' video among the volunteers, ha ha, enjoy.

Sharing some photos I received in my email for Molly. I've been so busy I've had very little time to grab snapshots off the stream so these are great.

1. Earlier this week, Dad sunning.

2. Saturday, May 31, changing of the guard around 4:00 pm. Both parents left then Mom came back fast with dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I'm only seeing two chicks in the nest currently, and haven't seen the third since yesterday. Are they just in the corner under the camera or did something happen?