Monday, June 30, 2014

Quieter Day

A couple notes I took today: When the first volunteer arrived at 6:30-ish, she saw a bird fly over her head from the north of the garden area and try a landing on the Administration Bldg. It fluttered to the base of one of the columns which is a ledge that is still rather high for humans to climb up to. Bob hoisted Kat up, she grabbed up Skye and they released her again on West side of Beehive where she is currently. The other two are flying and landing so high now, that we can't tell who is who. So, one is on SW corner of COB, the other is on west side of Eagle Gate (World Trade Center) building somewhere.

I also received this note from M. Roberts, the generous photographer who has spent some time with us, and was with Bob very early this morning.  Hunter and Ace flew around. Then Mom & Hunter flew several circles. Hunter went around more times. Then Mom was at the corner of COB and Hunter flew right to the wall and clung to it.. no ledge. Then she inched up a bit to a ledge..
Another note: Yesterday afternoon as I left, I saw THREE peregrines on the observation deck on COB East side. They seemed to be grabbing at something, then one flew off. At same time a volunteer said that a juvenile was on NW corner. Skye was in the box on the ground so that means Dad was there. Sure enough, it was confirmed later that Dad was laying down on the big 'B' in Key Bank on the north side of Key Bank building. This morning he has not been seen. Perhaps he brought in a meal last night... my guess is that was Ace up on that deck with Mom and Dad. He sure seems to get all the meals. 

I hope to have a special post at the end of this week. Stay tuned!

Is this not the craziest thing you've seen today? Hunter clinging to the wall.

Uh, no, this is even crazier.

Just remember how tall this building is and she was doing that crawl at the top. That glass structure on the top right is where I saw possibly Dad, Mom and maybe Ace last evening.
Dad on Key Bank 'B'

Skye just before trip up to Beehive.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics and updates. Thanks for keeping all of us who can't make it downtown updated. Wish I could be there. Made a donation yesterday. Peeps do what you can and make a donation. We love these falcons in our city.
Love P

Lily said...

The babies are doing so well this year. Miraculous. Thanks for blogging away. We appreciate it.