Thursday, July 31, 2014

Update July 31

Received this comment from Bob so thought I'd post it. Also, Bob told me we have seen the juveniles as late as first two weeks of August downtown.

July 31 at 07:49 - 08:01 a.m. All three kids observed: Ace and Hunter remain best of buds, perched, more or less, side by side near the northwest shoulder level corner of the World Trade Center (formerly Eagle Gate Tower), while Skye was perched (and wailing) on a wide ledge close to the northwest corner on the Kirton-McConkie Building and then flying north along the east face of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and, then, to the north/northwest and out of view.

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Anonymous said...

Mon., August 11 at 6:13 - 6:29 p.m.: one young-of-the-year observed perched on the southeast "shoulder level" corner of the tall Church Office Building, too far from ground level to determine/guesstimate identity