Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Urban Falcons and Bob Walters

I meant to post this yesterday but then Skye went missing and all my well-laid plans blew up. I work in a building the next block over from Falcon Central and during this time of year I always bring my field glasses so I can take a quick peek during my lunch hour or walking over to my building. I try to call him for an update mid-morning. When I called yesterday, he had just lost track of Skye. Then when I called back at noon, he told me about the sighting up on First Avenue, which is a maze of driveways, nooks, balconies etc. I spent my lunch hour helping search, to no avail. A large group came down last night and this morning and searched again. Anyway, you know the rest. She was found just after I left the site today on the building across the street. Yippee!  (BTW, it's getting very hot here mid-day, 93 today!)

So now I can finally get to the post from yesterday. I think I mentioned that we had Brian Grimmett, filmmaker and director on hand for our fledges this year and he promised that he would share his work when it was finished up. We really didn't have a clue what sort of mini-documentary he was making or the message. Well here it is and wow, is it beautiful and moving, at least for me. Congratulations, Brian, and THANK YOU, from all of us.

You will hear our Bob Walters talk about the falcons and I just love his whole message. Bob is such a great guy and he's perfect as the show-runner for this project. Sometimes if you ask the right questions, the knowledge that is shared is so wonderful. I have learned so much from him. He's always referred to this project as 'the greatest show on earth'.

And now this little film, Urban Falcons.  Enjoy!

(click on the photo or caption and it will open the site in a new window)

Urban Falcons

I am also including a photograph of little Skye from a few days ago. So glad she's found and the area by her favorite building. Please come back later this week. I hope to have another Q&A and post about some of our great volunteers.

Skye, Sunday morning, you can see a little white fluff.

You can just make out a volunteer in the center, watching from a bench straight across from Skye's building on the right.

This is Bob's sidewalk display.
p.s. Mostly I have no idea what I'm doing with my SLR camera, but sometimes I get lucky. Sunday morning, photographing Skye, luck was with me.


Chris James said...

I really enjoyed Brian's mini-documentary, I got warm fuzzies. I also think that Bolt the falcon is so amazingly beautiful. Thank you for putting that together and sharing it.

Thank you so much to Bob as well, I'm so grateful for you knowledge, expertise, passion and the work you do for these peregrines. It's wonderful to have someone like you at the helm.

Thank you Liz for your love and the work you do in keeping up your blog, answering questions, and keeping us posted. You help keep us connected when the birds leave the nest. Many of us have benefitted from your love for these birds and it doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you.

Thank you thank you also to the volunteers for your dedicated help. I can’t be in falcon central but I'm truly grateful for your help during hell week(s). I know you are a valuable help to Bob and his crew.

Chris James
Lehi, UT

Cindy Paulson said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful posts and awesome photos of the falcons. I have so enjoyed watching their journey and hope so much that they all make it to the next stage in their journey. Thanks to Bob also for all his work, he must be an amazing guy to spend so much time and energy on this endeavor. Thanks again you are both awesome!

Lucy J said...

The mini documentary is very good. Loved watching it! Thank you for the informative blog posts and pictures. These birds are special and we can all know that because of your posts.