Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Evening at Falcon Central

We never look forward to July 4th, not knowing how the juvies will react to the noise. In my memory, the fireworks were never an issue, because they were far enough away to not be very loud. Well my memory was wrong! Maybe the laws have changed, but the type of fireworks being blown off by regular folks in their yards was significant. All was well until about 10:00p, then with the first explosion one juvie came of COB wailing and looking for Mom. We were a bit worried about Skye, since she'd been on the Eagle Gate all night and had not come around to where the rest of the family was sitting, on Eagle Gate and COB. It was getting very hard to see, but Kat saw her finally fly off EAST, which is not the direction we wanted her to go. She was seen flying over the Alta Club area and we lost track. I could see Bob get worried. We waited out the fireworks and thankfully she returned right after to roost on the NE corner of Eagle Gate. We soon after saw one of the other juvies flying in the sky above the streetlights and Zions. As we left we felt relieved that parents were still in the area to watch over the kids. Yesterday all were accounted for!

Here are a few videos from July 4th evening. The first is a little montage from our radio calls. The second is one of our beautiful carriages. The horse was not happy about fireworks either. Third is a little of the fireworks going off behind Skye's favorite building.

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