Monday, June 25, 2012

The View June 25

I am downtown today, so I will be taking some photos of the kids from outside the box and posting later tonight. Here's just a quick one I captured as I walked to work ~  zoomed and cropped, so not super clear but oh its fun to see them from this perspective after watching the cams for weeks.

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Willi said...

Thanks Liz. Yes it is a great picture, eventhough you say its not the best. I can't believe how fast these kids have grown. It surprises me every year, as I well know they grow fast. They are starting to flap their wings so hard, I expect a fledge or two real soon. I haven't been down to Temple Square yet this year, just glued to my PC. Will definately come down when the flying begins.
Thanks for your photos and Bobs comments- You're the best!!