Friday, June 29, 2012

Fledge 1 AND 2 Woot!!!

Wow, two fledges this morning and we are so fortunate that Skygirlblue caught both on video. First bird left box at 5:40 and second approx. 6:50am. If I have that wrong, let me know. I talked with Bob and he said was not there for the first one but when he arrived the bird was sitting on the north side of the administration building across from the nest (the building you see out of the box window) and the second bird flew across the stree to the new shopping center and is currently perched on a low ledge around the area where you walk into City Creek Center off of South Temple.


Mrs. B said...

So cool! Thanks for keeping us updated. It's awesome that we work right by these guys! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been watching these guys since they hatched and this was so exciting to see! I feel like a proud mom! Thanks so much for posting this. :)

Willi Christensen said...

I told my daughter that I predicted that 2 would fledge by Friday. Wow was
that right on. When they start that furious flapping on the edge you just know they are going. We hoped that someone got a video of it. I didn't turn on my computer till 7 ish. I am usually up by 6 am. Thanks Skygirlblue. You were right on. (same as last year). We love those videos. I hope the kids do ok.
Liz- has anyone discussed genders or names? hey aren't you on vacation?

Anonymous said...

Do the parents continue to feed the youngest until he leaves and do all 3 return to the nest site at night?

skygirlblue said...

Hello all. . .I'm not Liz, but maybe I can answer. Yes, the parents will continue to feed the chick that is in the box until he/she leaves. There was a food drop prior to the first fledge this morning. After the second fledge, mom came back and took the leftovers. My guess was that she was headed out to feed one of the fledges.

They may or may not return to this box. I doubt anybody will return today. That would be for the fledgling like you or I threading the eye of a needle. In order for them to get back to the box, they have to be able to fly well enough to gain the altitude needed to get up there. . .plus, aim for the tiny box and then stick the landing. Probably neither of them can do that yet. I know at least one visited the box last year. Hopefully, they will come back.

Glad you enjoyed the videos. .If I weren't on the east coast, I would have never caught the first fledge. . so, I got very lucky!!

robgilliland said...

10 minutes after release on to the roof of the JSMB, macy has flown towards the key bank, hit hard, and fell.
hope for updates soon.

robgilliland said...

poor macy has died. she broke her neck flying into the glass at key building... RIP macy.

Anonymous said...

That breaks my heart about Macy!

Anonymous said...

Rob, thanks for keeping us updated. Very sad.
-Liz- on vacation in Monterey.

skygirlblue said...

Oh No .. I am so sad to read that. . was macy the first or second fledge? Fledging is so tough for these little guys. .

RIP, little Macy and I pray the other one stays safe and the one in the box stays there. .

Thanks Rob

Willi said...

What started out to be an exciting day has turned into a very sad one.
when you watch these little guys from the egg on up to tiny white babies, you feel like they are part of your soul., watching every day, making sure each one gets fed, and that they are out of the hot sun each day., it hurts your heart to see them parish when they are just starting out their lives.
RIP little Macy. thanks Rob for keeping us in the loop.