Monday, June 25, 2012

Kids June 25

I took a couple photos tonight (like 100) but these give a good idea of what is going on at the nest. Its hot down there! This will be the last I can take until I get back from vacation. Hopefully some of you will take photos for me while I am gone. Be back July 2.

You can see kids, Dad (flying), Mom on the right side of picture, on corner plucking feathers from some prey should brought in.

Testing out the wings.

They are paying close attention to parents flights and locations.


Unknown said...

GREAT Pics!!! What a blast to watch this process. they look tonight(6/27 at 8pm) like flight is imminent. thanks for the postings!

Anonymous said...

It was only through dedicated protective actions and recovery assistance in urban areas, and in the wild, that peregrine falcons are now off the endangered species list and once again play an active part in their ecosystems. Birds are once again available for the sport of falconry, eggs are available to collectors, and the birds themselves are now seen and enjoyed by millions of people who would otherwise never have seen a live bird. Congratulations to dedicated wildlife managers and the public and private entities that have made all this possible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe banding the fledglings on their first day out, on their own in the big city is overwhelming for the youngsters. After all, first flights are scary enough. It is great if they can be banded but maybe the price is too high. Or maybe the seed eating birds' prayers were answered?