Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Meal Video

Crazy kids! You can see dad arrive with a snack, followed by mom. One kid grabs it but its soon stolen by another. Once the other two realize who has it, they go to back of box to attempt a steal ~ you can see the one who has the food 'mantle' over it. Thanks Skyblugirl for this video!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HELP US OUT!! note, Liz. It's the only way that I know that I could respond asap to initiate a rescue (unless, of course, I just happen to tune in and see that one is missing, in which case, I'm all about getting there, to the scene) RW

Anonymous said...

Bad news = PEREGRINE CAM no. 2 has not worked all day, Friday, June 22. I was informed at 5:39 p.m. that it died this morning. Apparently, the LDS Church had "one do this a couple of years ago in the heat ... and this seems to be a similar failure". LDS Church specialists did all they could to reset it and do all possible to restore things without actually accessing the camera. In the end, they were forced to conclude that it seems dead. So, unfortunately, that's that. Keep watching and reporting ongoings via PEREGRINE CAM no. 2. RW