Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday Night Photos

I went to Temple Square late last night, really too late to catch any flights but I snapped this picture of a bird roosting on the COB at dark. Bob thought he saw a juvenile on the south side roosting, so this may have been Bobbie on the north side.First, though, I want to share a photo 'collage' that SkygirlBlue sent me to compare bird sizes in the box, in hopes that we can conclude that the bird in the box on Wednesday was indeed Charlie. You can see that the bird on the far right is larger than the other two, it's the adult female, the middle phots is the adult male, so we are thinking that the left side is a juvenile male. I asked Bob and he confirmed that the juveniles are full size when they leave the next.

I sure wish I could get a photo with both juvies. According to Bob, the adults don't roost here, this is a juvie hang out.
Sixth window down on the right side of center column.


skygirlblue said...'ve got a great eye...I would have never seen that!!!

Anonymous said...

HI All,
On Wednesday night we were right there, looking at the north side of cob,
and this is the exact spot that we spotted one juvie...just 8 floors down, but in the exact same spot..No camera, but this is just what we saw also!!!!
I sure hope Bob saw a second one on the south side too!!!
Great shot Liz..